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Customers' Voices

2016/12 Vellfire (2015-) campaign

Wanted the Vellfire because we needed a car that could hold 7 people. Diving in Okinawa was cool.

2016/08 Roadster(MX-5) New model

I have driven the same car before, and it was easy to drive. I wanted to enjoy driving a manual transmission. We did some extra driving because we stopped the navigation system for a while, and it was still a fun drive. An exhilarating feeling.

2016/02 Roadster(MX-5) New model AT

Because this model won the best car of the year, and I was interested in it. It was fortunate the weather was good only while I was driving. The amazing sense of freedom.

okinawa mini-van rent-a-car

Toyota Vellfire (2015-) campaign
From 6,490JPY
Toyota Hiace GL campaign
From 4,490JPY

okinawa suv rent-a-car

Toyota Harrier
From 5,490JPY

okinawa speed rent-a-car

From 2,490JPY
Mazda Roadster(MX-5) New model
From 6,490JPY

沖縄軽自動車レンタカー is cheap!!

Roadster(MX-5) New model
1 night 3 night week
E 28,080JPY 89,640JPY 171,720JPY Fairlady Z
B 27,000JPY 63,720JPY 137,160JPY Toyota Crown
A 23,760JPY 64,152JPY 144,936JPY
D 16,200JPY 53,460JPY 103,140JPY 86
okinawa speed rent-a-car 11,858JPY 23,717JPY 49,594JPY
1 night 3 night week
D 25,920JPY 81,000JPY 154,440JPY
B 20,520JPY 65,880JPY 126,360JPY Nissan Murano
A 16,200JPY 43,848JPY 99,144JPY CX-5
E 14,040JPY 49,680JPY 97,200JPY Nissan X-Trail
okinawa speed rent-a-car 12,938JPY 24,797JPY 48,514JPY
1 night 3 night week
E 27,648JPY 84,672JPY 160,704JPY Nissan Elgrand
A 27,000JPY 73,008JPY 165,024JPY
B 27,000JPY 63,720JPY 137,160JPY
C 27,000JPY 63,720JPY 137,160JPY Alphard
D 23,760JPY 77,220JPY 148,500JPY
okinawa speed rent-a-car 8,618JPY 25,877JPY 36,634JPY
1 night 3 night week
E 9,180JPY 31,860JPY 62,100JPY Nissan Note
C 7,344JPY 19,872JPY 44,928JPY Daihatsu Move
D 7,020JPY 24,840JPY 48,600JPY Toyota Vitz
A 6,480JPY 17,496JPY 39,528JPY
B 6,480JPY 16,200JPY 35,640JPY
okinawa speed rent-a-car 3,218JPY 6,437JPY 12,874JPY

Used from September 4 to September 10, 2017
When making a reservation from the net on August 28, 2017

First Time Users

About pickup

- Pick-up service is a limited service for customers with Safety Pack subscription
- Pick-up time is from 8:00 to 20:00.
- Pick up is limited to Naha airport.

Customers who need pickup service
1. When you arrive at the airport, call us at (098-851-4523) before you get your luggage.
2. We'll take you to our office and give you the car.
*If you couldn't register on reservation display, please let us know the arrival flight number and time before your arrival date at (098-851-4523)

Customers who don't need pickup service
1. Please let us know your arrival time by telephone.
2. We will give you the car at the arrival time.

Customers using taxi
1. It will be smooth If you tell the driver you want to go to golf driving range of Gushi, opposite to the batting center, behind Myeondong, Yakiniku-ya. There is Family Mart Koroku bypass nearby.

Cancellation fee
・ Free for cancellation made during business hours more than 7 days before reserved date
・ 30% of rent fee for cancellation made during business hours from 6 to 3 days before reserved date
・ 50% of rent fee for cancellation made during business hours from 2 to the day before reserved date
・ 100% of rent fee for cancellation made during business hours on the reserved date
*Please refer to leasing contract for details

About return
Our business hours are from 8: 00 to 20: 00.
You can return only during our business hours.
* In case return is later than our business hour, we will charge you an extra day rent. Also we might ask you to pay penalty.
*Please refer to leasing contract for details

About insurance and compensation
Insurance compensation system (included in rental price)
The company will compensate for accidents within the range of the following compensation limits.
However, when damage is not paid by insurance, the damage is greater than the compensation limits, the accident violates our leasing agreement, or when the accident proof cannot be acquired from the police, all damage will be borne by the customer.
※ It will not be compensated if it corresponds to the disclaimer clause of the provisions.

Contents of compensation compensation limit deductibles
Interpersonal compensation per person limit unlimited (including liability) None
Objective compensation 1 accident limit unlimited 100,000 yen
Maximum by the vehicle compensation 1 accident limit vehicle 900,000 yen to 1,200,000 yen 150,000 yen
Personal injury compensation per person limit of 30 million yen (rental car boarding in only) No

Compensation contents/compensation limits/deductible amount
Interpersonal compensation/Limit per person, Unlimited (including liability), None
Objective compensation/Limit per accident, Unlimited, ¥ 100,000
vehicle compensation/Limit per vehicle, ranging from ¥900,000 to ¥1,200,000 depending on vehicle, ¥ 150,000
Personal injury compensation/Limit per person, 30 million yen (for persons riding in the rental car), None

Cases not valid for compensation
In the following cases, damages which do not apply to the insurance compensation limits, or which exceed the compensation fund limits will be borne by the customer.
- Failure to notify the company or police of an accident (when proof of the accident cannot be obtained)
- Violations of the lending agreement
- Drinking or driving under the influence of alcohol
- Drug use
- Unauthorized extension
- Driving by someone other than the driver or sub-driver listed on the contract
- Subletting
- Driving without a license (including violation of driver's license suspension period and conditions)
- Cases without permission
- Damage caused by illegal parking
- Use in any test or competition, or use to tow or push other vehicles
- Any other accidents corresponding to the disclaimer set forth in the leasing agreement,etc.
- Cases applicable to the disclaimers in the terms of the insurance determined by the company.
- Intentional accidents
- Flat tire or tire damage
- Wheel cap lost or damaged
- Loss of key
- Damage to property owned, used, or managed by the customer
- Unauthorized repair
- Any other accidents corresponding to the disclaimer of the insurance provisions
- Cases where there are faults in use or management
- Cases of theft where the key was left in or the doors were left unlocked
- Repair costs resulting from damage caused from poor use
- Dirtying of the car’s equipment
- Loss of equipment
- Damage caused by the installation of carriers or other options, or improper equipment.
- Damage caused by driven off the road in coastal, riverside, or wooded areas (accidents occurring outside of managed roads)
- Repair costs caused by inputting the wrong kind of fuel

Compensation for any damages
You shall compensate the loss of any damages, except for special contract, by any chance when you damaged third party or us during the use of the vehicle. You shall agree and pay the indemnity by a method of the credit card settlement.

Non-operation charge
When it needs to be repaired or cleaning of the vehicle by any accident, theft, broken and any damages not to depend on our responsibility during the use of the vehicle, you shall agree to pay the following amount of money by the payment with the credit card as a part for our business compensation regardless of indispensability periods and any repair damages.
1 Rent-a-car
- When it is not impossible to operate to return the car to the planned place .. ¥100,000
- When it is possible to return the car to the planned returned place .. ¥50,000
2 Equipment
- In the case of unuseable, it is 75% of purchased amount of the replacement
- When it needs to be repaired・・・the repair days x 50% of rental fees of equipment

Disclaimer compensation system (not included in the rental fee)
When you subscribe to this system before departure (not the insurance), we will compensate the objective exemption fee (¥ 100,000) and vehicle compensation fee(¥ 150,000).
Subscription fee (per day) 1,500 yen (excluding tax)
- Not usable for solitary accidents.
- You cannot subscribe after departing. Subscription will automatically be renewed upon an extension.
- It does not apply if applicable to the disclaimers of insurance provisions.
- If there is a past history of accidents, we may refuse your entry as the Company deems appropriate.
- It is not intended to compensate for the above non-operation charge.

For travel expenses of door locks, etc.

Travel expenses of the internal key or the like will be 20000 yen (excluding tax), but will be free if it entered the premium road service.
Lost key will be 50,000 yen (tax excluded).

About license
If you want to drive car in Japan, you need to have any of the following licenses:
1. Japanese driver's license (Japan residents)
2. International driver's license (those of the Geneva Convention member countries has been issued on the basis of the Geneva Convention model)
It is necessary to present your passport and international driver's license together.
International driver's license should be within a year from the issuing (check the date of issue) and, the operation expiration date in Japan is one year from the date of entry (confirmed by date of entry stamp by Japanese immigration on the passport).
*For the latest Geneva Convention member countries, please check the site of the Metropolitan Police Department or other public institutions.
3. If you have a foreign driver's license from Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, France, Belgium, Principality of Monaco or Taiwan, by carrying a Japanese translation of the license together, you can drive for one year after landing in Japan.
* For the Japanese translation, please contact embassies, consulates, or Japan JAF.

About illegal parking

When a confirmation mark of an unregistered vehicle is attached during the use period
1. Please appear at the police station on the confirmation mark.
※ We will contact you as soon as the police contact the company.
2. Please pay the prescribed procedures and penalties.
3. Please return the rental car after handling the violation.
(Please present the documents \"Receipt received by the police\" at return.

When you can not do violation processing
If you do not process the violation before returning the rental car, we will charge a parking charge of 25,000 yen (non taxable) separately determined by the Company.

In case of not being able to respond to violation processing and parking charge
We will report to the police and the Public Safety Committee and we will refuse car rental in the future, so please understand.
In addition, after returning the rental car, after presenting the police to the police and paying the penalty payment, we have deposited the documents such as the traffic foul announcement letter and the receipt payment receipt / receipt etc in a predetermined manner We will refund the amount.

Lending Agreement

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